Getting in touch with your target audience can be somehow challenging, especially when we don’t know where to find our readers. As social media has become big nowadays, writers struggle to manage their time between writing their novel and having an 9-5 job, school, tak...

Most writers enjoy having a journal or notebook to jot down their main ideas on the pages. With that in mind, it can be helpful when we, writers, suffer from writer’s block.

I found there are a few places I enjoy blogging or writing my novels. It doesn’t have to be at the comfortable of my home every day where there are many distractions. I found the local library to be quite useful and peaceful.

I am busy most the days. I am part time student, and a full time employee with lots of overtime. I have a son in therapy, extra school activities, and a few hours once available to clean my place and meet with friends. Social media takes a lot of time, and Facebook, In...

Writing every day became a habit for me. When I became pregnant with my son 9 years ago, I was not only an avid reader, but I have decided that writing was important to me and would put the words out as soon as a had some great idea or plot intruding inside my head.

I think about ways of why I wanted to write. I love travelling and so I did use my trips to create some of my manuscripts. Think of that: the food I’ve tried, the people I’ve met along the way in the destinations served as great characters.

I always enjoyed writing since I was a child. I created plots, wrote on my free time and shared with friends in the neighborhood I lived.

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