Starting with a journal

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Most writers enjoy having a journal or notebook to jot down their main ideas on the pages. With that in mind, it can be helpful when we, writers, suffer from writer’s block. For those who don’t believe that the temporary inability to write is possible, it is real for some. However, having a journal to rely on, can be inspiring and encouraging to keep many writers motivated. There are so many topics to talk about in the world we live in. From articles, travel adventures, personal conflicts, fictional or non-fictional, the planet is plenty of subjects to be discussed and studied. First, everyone is a leader in something. Second, everyone has a story to tell. I started having my first journal when I was a child and probably don’t remember the first time I told mom and dad I wanted to write a novel. I was surrounded with children’s fantasy books, poems, and a haunted home for the ones who believe in ghosts.


I guess I loved holding a pen, just to put my ideas on paper. Fairy tales, movies such as Indiana Jones, Goonies, and Neverending Story helped me to shape some of my unfinished manuscripts when I was only eight. Today, as a writer, I am still a mom, a full-time employee, a student, a traveler, an animal lover, a dreamer, a lover, and many other things I could call myself. There are moments that I truly feel as I am lacking the habit of keeping my daily journal in my daily routine. The true is simple: no matter how much you try to write every day, follow my example. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


Because the best time I’ve ever remember being faithful to a journal was in my teenage years. I can shout to the world of how much I was committed to my personal diary back then. I had my crushes inside and outside school, and a boy I truly believed I was in love with. I really have to laugh at that one, but even if it seemed to be a long time ago, sometimes it felt as yesterday. On the same diary (I am not going to call journal because it was filled with “secrets”), I used to write everything I saw and experience. So, if there is anything I wished the most for a journal, it is that diary (which is long time gone) still existed today. I used to lock it with a little plastic key and then hide inside of a shoe box.


This was one of my most unique pieces that would certainly be very useful for some of my novels along with dozens of letters from my best friends who I have no idea where they are today. Remembering there wasn’t internet or social media back then, it would be insane to recall everyone’s last name.  Unfortunately, because I lost the diary and the letters a long time ago, I must rely on my best memories, hoping my brain will storage each experience I had from my childhood and exciting teen years.

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