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Most writers enjoy having a journal or notebook to jot down their ideas. With that in mind, it can be helpful when suffering from writer's block. For those who don't believe that the temporary inability to write is possible, it is a big deal for some. However, having a journal to rely on can be an excellent way to inspire and encourage to keep writers motivated. 

From articles, travel adventures, personal conflicts, fictional or non-fictional stories, the world is plenty of subjects to discuss. First, everyone is an expert in something. Second, everyone has a story to tell. 

I had my first journal when I was a child and a few diaries during my teen years. Today I have a couple of journals to inspire me. Life is busy enough when you write in your blog, paper, and your manuscript.

Some writers are old school, and I am somewhere in between. There are times I want to type in my computer all day long, and other times grab a cup of coffee and my pen to write on paper. 

Always bring your journal along with you. I know many people are unsure how to keep writing on a memoir and how this will help them to meet their goals as a writer. The goal is to make it remarkable, as well as your manuscript. The discipline and consistency come along as you keep practicing.

1. Keeping a journal that will meet your goals.

Once I was told by one of my trainers to write a letter to myself. She sent me the note to my mail address a few months later, and I had the opportunity to remind myself I am still working toward my goals, and I had to accomplish them. So the journal has the same purpose.

Writing about our goals can be an effective way to commit to the words written in the paper.

2. A journal will tell about our journey and progress down the road.

Many times I felt I hadn't accomplished anything toward my manuscripts, publication, and so on. But I am here. My writing did improve in many ways. If I can go back ten years ago, I can see the difference. I understand more about plots, sentence structure, dialogue, characters more than I ever did before. So the time and energy invested were worth and so your time will be. It is time to keep track of my journals, read again, and celebrate my success.

3. Writing is like philosophy.

Writers tend to observe the world around them and ask why things are a certain way. But we are not scientists. We are philosophers. We need to describe things on a deeper level, so we read from experts and make our observations. We tend to explain things better on a deeper level on a piece of paper than speaking out loud. We know that with time and commitment, we can explain the "whys and "hows" for everything. We can solve problems in our story, even though sometimes we can't help in real life.

4. Writing is a business. 

Whether we want to self-publish or traditionally publish a book, we still have to have a writing goal, to begin with. The career goal starts with a journal. When you write your manuscript, you have to achieve a minimum of word count to keep consistency. Blogging can be a great way to journaling, as well. However, you will need to finish writing your manuscript at some point, polish it, have an online presence in social media, find a professional editor in your genre, and the book launch. The writing doesn't end with the last page. Sometimes the final word on a page, it is the beginning of a long process.

5. Writing in a journal with consistency to remind we are still a writer. Writing inspires us to reach our goals. We sometimes write simple things on a piece of paper, but they all come with meaning or pursuit. We watch an ad, a movie and we read. Writers, after all, they must be avid readers.

As we describe our journey, we discover how much we are committing ourselves to meet a goal and purpose. We look back, and then we look forward. We learn with our mistakes and that we can't be perfect. No one is. Then we can see how far we have achieved and how much more we need to finish our projects.

6. Write to inspire others to achieve their goals. My blog and my journey are a big piece of me. They are my story. I can tell the world about my past and my present. I can say to the world how I moved from one location to another. I can tell them how I overcame my fears, and I am still here. Inspire and teach others as much as I learn from them.

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