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Getting in touch with our target audience can be somehow challenging, especially when we don't know where to find our readers. As social media is a big deal, we struggle to manage our time between writing my novel while having a 9-5 job, taking care of children, cleaning, cooking, taking care of pets, beyond other activities.

I can honestly say that it is hard enough to keep up with the constant burden of multitasking, let alone dealing with a lack of energy that comes at times. Two years ago, I experienced one of the worst winters ever. I live in Wisconsin, and temperature can be as low as minus ten or twenty in January. I am glad it didn't often happen this year, but then Covid-19 happened.

But no matter how hard it is, I still try to make ends meet. I wake up early, start my day with a coffee, and write as much as I can. If you are cold, get a blanket and make yourself warm. If you are sad, watch funny Youtube videos. My favorite ones are from Edu Primitivo, but if you don't speak Portuguese, you can find tons of cat videos or other pranks to make you laugh throughout the day. Sometimes, I know this is impossible. I called a friend today, and she told me her best friend died run over by a car. In times things like that happen, it is practically impossible to make someone better during a grieving process. I have to remind myself that I lost people a few people who were important to me, including my uncle and my father.

To contract my prospective readers, I keep an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account. I log in every day and do my best. I am honestly not doing social media all day long because I have to write and take care of other things. However, I try my best to reply to writers and readers. Besides publishing YA books, I still want a travel blog. I remember when my dad approached me to ask me what I thought about going to school for tourism. I was about sixteen and had no idea what I would study. The idea was interesting enough, but I jumped in. My high school offered classes in tourism and hospitality, and I met people I still know and engage with them today, even though many years later. 

Among Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I enjoy Goodreads, Wattpad, and NaNoWriMo occasionally. Now there are Inkitt, Tic Tok and many others. I believe the best way to reach your target audience is to be yourself more than everything and do not be afraid. Just tell the world about your stories, adventures, goals, and pursuits.

Your readers will appreciate you, after all.

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