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I am busy most the days. I am part time student, and a full time employee with lots of overtime. I have a son in therapy, extra school activities, and a few hours once available to clean my place and meet with friends. Social media takes a lot of time, and Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms can be very distracting. Most people don’t even know how long they spend checking pictures, people’s profiles and videos. Finding the right time can be very challenging for any writer. But a writer who wishes to be successful, find the time to do it. I’ve met writers who are comfortable waking up at 4 am so they can start their day working on their novel. In fact, I’ve met all types of writers. The ones who keep find the time to do their job all day long and every chance they have; others who find excuse after excuse to not write, and the ones who simply find a way to write a few lines between breaks. Not every writer will be confident in the first or second year of their career that takes time. This is why signing up for writing critique groups or participating of conferences can be so important and motivating for them. There were times I lacked a lot with my writing skills and I delete everything and a little more. I failed as someone who could have done better, but this is all part of the growing up process as someone who wants to take writing seriously. My advice for the ones in the beginning is to never look back, but moving forward while paying attention to the opportunities that come along the way. When I had my first and only baby, I sat down in front of the computer screen and typed word by word whenever I had a chance. I remember being told to stop by many folks who didn’t see writing as important. But doing something that was considered more realistic for them, wasn’t necessary something that was important for me. First of all, I am not a sports fan, so if I don’t have a get together with friends, a nice movie to watch, or a good book to read, then watching football in the bar, it is something I don’t enjoy doing at all.


Writing with consistency is very significant, especially for writers who keep believing their job can be done later. Setting a word count goal can be another way to motivate us, writers. After all, websites like Nanowrimo and Wattpad tend to be a great start not only to make a commitment, but also connect with others who are also participating of the challenge. What works for one writer, not necessary will work for another. Nanowrimo seemed a huge thing, but ended up not working well for me, considering my accelerated online school in the month of November. Setting up a regular time a couple days a week and on the weekends was what made things work. It worked perfectly with my busy schedule, and I felt as I was working in another part time job.

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