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I am busy most of the days. I have been a part-time student and a full-time employee with overtime and extra. With Covid-19, I have been working from home with a flexible schedule, happy I get to spend time with my son while writing my books and not worried about returning to school.

Social media takes much time and effort. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter beyond other social media platforms can be very distracting. Most people don't know how long they spend taking and posting their pictures, checking on people's profiles, videos, news, writing posts, interacting with the world. Social medial can make you laugh, sad, cry, and have hope of things you never had. Social media can be your way to the publication thanks to a presence someone can make online.

But it requires time management.

Finding the right time can be challenging for any writer. If a writer wants to find readers, interact, and support others in meeting their goals, they can achieve success by helping people.

I know authors who wake up at four am to reply e-mails to their fans and write the next book. They found this time to be the most appropriate to make their dreams come true, and it worked for some. I confess that once, I woke up at three in the morning to write; however, I never did that again. Maybe it was because I used to be at work around six in the morning and got busy all day long. That time I also needed the job, and I felt miserable during my shift.

So it is essential to find the right time that works for you. Late at night doesn't work for me either. The time I shouldn't have my eyes on the computer. Otherwise, I can't fall asleep when I go to bed, and it gives me some anxiety to know I have to wake up early again the next day.

My advice for beginners is to learn with the mistakes and keep on going.

Never look back and move forward.

I love spending time with my pets, my son, and my friends. I love the sun, and I love summer. I am not a sports fan, so while most people are watching the Packers or Badgers, I am okay writing my books.

Write with consistency and try to meet that word count for the day. Participate in the Nanowrimo in November. Write more.

Please don't count the stars in your back yard unless you are going to write bout them o your book.

Set up a regular hour in the day.

Then write every day - no days off. Write ten words, but write something.

Remember that writing is like going to the gym.

Writing is the same as a full-time job.

Don't lose hope. Believe in yourself.

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