The many places a writer can write

I found there are a few places I enjoy blogging or writing my novels. It doesn't have to be in the comfort of my home all the time, every day. First, it is because, at home, it is the place I can have many distractions, too.

Before Covid-19 happened, I found the local libraries in Madison and Sun Prairie to be a quite useful and peaceful spot to have my make my writing happen. There, I drove plenty of times at the end of my shift, including Fridays, to keep my writing consistent. I found that changing the environment was very useful for achieving my goals as someone who wanted to publish my novels. I could jot down my ideas on the paper or write them on my laptop while contemplating a beautiful view or smelling freshly brewed coffee from any coffee shop across the country.

The advantage of coffee shops was that I had the opportunity to meet other writers who had the same purpose. There were plenty of critique groups happening in the local coffee shops, and I can't recommend those critique groups enough because that is where you will get an honest opinion about your work and know what you need to do to improve your writing.

Beta readers are also a great and cheap way to make ends meet before hiring an editor, especially for writers who want to be in a budget. Websites such as Goodreaders and Twitter are beneficial to find Betas if you can't find one in your area. I have been a Beta-reader myself, and I enjoyed every moment of it!

Because writing should be consistent, it doesn't have to be boring. You can make it fun. I remember attending one of the writing conferences in Madison, Wisconsin. There, I met some great writers and authors who gave me tips on making things more adventurous. If you love writing, you will do it anyway by the lake, sitting on your bed, and the regular desk in your office.  One of those writers I have met was unpublished, and she told me she was looking to gain self-confidence as much as I wanted in the publishing world. A few years later, she has over twenty books self-published in Amazon. Another writer I have met ended up finding an agent, and her novel is now in Amazon and other bookstores such as Barnes and Noble.

I can't tell you out of the bat that meeting literary agents were intimidating for me. They know what stories they are looking for and believe me if I say the competition is out there.  But in the end, I had to remind myself literary agents are people just like us. They are avid readers trying to find the next bestseller to represent. They truly understand how the market operates. They know what is selling and what is not. They know vampires and werewolves are saturated for a while. However, they certainly want to know about your story, your goals, online presence, and what you can do to help them to sell your book once it is published.

Literary agents want to find out during your eight-minute pitch if your book is interesting enough to hook the readers from the first to its last page.

When I am not writing at home, I write during my trips whenever I have a vacation. My laptop is my best friend, and so are my characters. I have written in Hawaii, The Bahamas, Michigan, and Chicago. I have written in Orlando, Arizona, and Vegas. I have written in the library and coffee shops across the country. But I also have to tell you there was a time I couldn't afford to go anywhere outside my house, and so I had to manage to write in my deck while staring at the pine trees behind my back yard. During summer months, I can sense the sun of Wisconsin looking down at me, even though my eyes are too busy on my own stories. In the winter, I found time to write more.

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