The transformation of becoming a writer


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I always enjoyed writing. As a child growing up in the North Zone in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I wrote stories that usually involved pets and wild animals. The Aesop Fable's and The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry were among the most favorite books I read when I was as young as eight years old. Fantasy and ghost stories also played a big part in my childhood. As a teen, I kept a journal with me and still have a vivid memory of great times. I knew deep inside of me then that if I had to write and publish books, they would be in the YA or NA genre.

Today I live in Wisconsin for many years, and of course, I still love writing. I try to do it daily to keep going because consistency is crucial in this business, especially if you want to take it to the next level. Besides writing, I also do many things at once. I am a mom, an advocate, a friend, and a traveler.

After reading many YA books, including The Twilight series, Maze Runner and Hunger Games, my motivation increased. I was expecting my son, and I knew I had to start somehow. I wrote every day and whenever I found time. I wrote while expecting my son, when he was born, late at night and between breastfeeds and diaper changes. I wrote on the weekend when I went back to work. I wrote in my dreams. As a writer, I also continued to read as much as I could, especially knowing that English is not my first language, and it will never be.

I didn't feel like a writer initially, but I gained more confidence as I wrote every day. Eventually, I planned about publishing my manuscripts, but I still didn't feel confident enough to do it. I met writers online, and through writing conferences, I continued to write and work to find editors in the genre I am interested in publishing. I also learned that editing, line and copy editing are three different things, and if I want to find representation or self-publish my book, I need to polish and have my manuscript edited professionally.

As a writer, we must treat writing as a business, and like every business, we can't do this alone. Even though we write alone :)  Also, as every business needs a business plan, so does the writing. 

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