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Often I think about ways I wanted to write. I love traveling, so I use my experiences to come up with ideas for the many stories I write. As you move to different locations, you meet new people, their culture and traditions, try the local food, and listen to great music.

And about the stories that come with the trips? There are tons.

I spent years trying to figure out why, for everything in life. Why do I want to be a writer? What can I offer to my readers?

Well, as a writer, I do what I love the most, which is turning on my la top or PC and writing whatever comes to my mind. The answers are inside me, while others are floating in the air, and I know it is up to me to find and rescue the words that will go to my manuscript.

I have traveled to many places in Brazil. I knew y country. I studied the story and went to school for tourism. I learned languages and managed to practice them whenever I could. I learned about hospitality. I took my tour guide license in Rio de Janeiro, hoping I could make a change. Years of studying, traveling, and meeting people worldwide, thanks to The Work Experience USA. But overall, the person I met the most wasn't others, but myself. Writing a book is not only about your characters and your plot, but a journey of self-discovery.

And the more I learned and used my traveling as experience, the more I had to write.

I knew I could do it.

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