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Writing every day became a habit again after years of not putting down the words on paper anymore. When I moved from Brazil to Wisconsin in 2006, I spent my first three years working in hospitality that I completely forgot that writing existed.

Finally, my body gave up when I got married and soon became pregnant. Winter was coming up, and I thought about what I was going to do with my decrease in working hours due to the off-season. Besides that, I was tired and sleepy all the time with my first trimester. The only things I did when I was at home - was reading or watching TV shows. So why not writing my manuscript?

One day, I drove past the Cascade Mountains and quickly stare at the flakes falling down the glacier. I started imaging a plot, and that became one of my favorite hobbies: brainstorming while driving through the city. My first plot was something like a paranormal romance in the YA genre. Then it became a series just when The Twilight had just hit the theaters, and I had just watched the first movie a few days prior. I knew I had to pick the location, pick out names for my characters, do research, and so on for my manuscript. It took me a couple of days. During my search, I found out of a city named Jasper on the map. If you don't know where Jasper is, it is a small town among the glaciers in Alberta, Canada. Among the many lakes in the estate, there are Lake Minnewanka, Two Jack Lake, Louise, Bow, Peyto, and Waterton Lakes at Banff National Park.

And that's when my characters Ethan and Joshua Hawke, were born. Ethan was born on June 21. I don't remember how I came out with that date. Maybe because I love cancer horoscope or because this date is the first day of summer. The book starts with his younger brother, Joshua, throwing a birthday party for his seventeen-year-old brother. As funny as it is, my son, Jacob, was born on June 21, but six months later.

I still didn't get the chance to visit Jasper after ten years, but I studied the maps, searched for the most magnificent places, and saw hundreds of pictures.

As I started my first draft, it wasn't easy, however. There were many pitfalls—one of them, English not being my first language.

At that time, I had some business and marketing classes in a technical college, and years later went for school in Psychology. My writing improved over the years, thanks to my determination. Even though I won't be able to write and speak like a native, I took advantage of the many resources available: libraries, English classes, books, movies, shows, writing assistance, and friends.

I worked and volunteered for non-profit organizations. I helped people who struggled so I could make a difference.

And so I could write better.

If coming up with plots was my way to escape, then indeed was putting the words in the piece of paper.

Writing is an art. I can honestly say that writing saved me in many ways, even with the manuscripts sitting at home and unpolished for years.

Then I write, write, and write.

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